Managed Services

Network assessments

A substandard network can be an organization’s weakest link. Get a thorough appraisal of your network — its strengths and weaknesses, its ability to perform under your current expectations, its scalability. We will audit your network for its security risk, and report any threats. We will assess firewalls, filtering and points of failure. In the end, you will have a clear picture of your network and whether it is up to the task.

  • Security Risk — security audits, recommendations, risk management
  • IT Security — physical security, network access, policy enforcement
  • Firewalls — application gateways, IP filtering, points of failure
  • Secure Networks — virtual private networks, monitoring, operational control

Network, PCI, HIPAA  these would be scans Rapidfire Tools we would use for Network Detective info with the PCI and HIPAA packages.

  1. MSP info like hat is attached
  2. Health Care IT
  3. Managed Firewall (ATT product)

Systems engineering

Depending on an organization, a computer network might be as simple as a paper airplane, or as complex as a space shuttle. The key is building a system that is perfect for you now, AND designed to grow with you 1, 2 or 5 years down the road. Our thorough analysis reveals the blueprint for your systems architecture; the structure it should have today, and the foundation it will need in the future. This way, as you scale up, you maximize function and minimize cost.

We offer a full complement of services to fit your needs:

  • Network monitoring
  • Exchange Server monitoring
  • Traffic Utilization
  • Antivirus monitoring
  • Service Desk on demand
  • Backup monitoring
  • Supervise implementation
  • Counsel on outsourced IT
  • Virtual CIO services


Infrastructure services

Is there anything more daunting than assessing the dizzying array of hardware choices out there? And then, making a purchase decision? No one wants to guess wrong when you’re making decisions to spend thousands — sometimes tens of thousands — of dollars.A3 to the rescue! Your organization’s business model and future goals dictate what infrastructure products and configurations you need. With our help, and with our wide vendor relationships, you will get the right hardware at the best price.

Furthermore, we offer:

  • Installation services
  • Procurement counseling and guidance
  • Configuration services
  • Microsoft Exchange 2007 design and implementation
  • Company domain registration and monitoring


Data center services

It’s a basic tenet of business: protect your assets, and in today’s competitive marketplace your data is often the most valuable asset you own. Give it the protection and accessibility it deserves. Our best-in-class storage solutions ensure a safe, stable and easily retrievable home for your vital assets. We offer a range of data solutions to meet any level of need, and any budget.

  • Co-Location Services
  • From 1U to 42U rack space available
  • Maintenance Services
  • Online Data Backup